pero mucho, mucho mucho amor – a tribute

So, this entry isn’t makeup related; but it’s SO totally like me to talk about astrology. the stars, moon, astrological placements & etc on the daily.

Seriously; in convo with my client’s, co-workers, friends & even total strangers haha! I don’t even mean to; unintentionally I always ask

“What’s your sign?, Have you ever pulled your natal chart?”

Maybe it’s a way to make fun conversation but the love I have for astrology is very real.

This love started off when I was a small child and honestly I think Walter Mercado was to thank for that! In reality Walter was such a huge impact to my life and to a lot Latino/Hispanic and Latin American’s throughout the world!

In my early childhood I remember vividly, the soft yet mega powerful voice of Walter Mercado.

His voice usually would blast out of my moms, room coming from her retro 80’s styled big boxy TV. This TV; sitting on top of her tall white dresser would be blasting at max volume to ensure my mom also heard Walter’s words while she cooked dinner every-night.


“Tauro.  Tu fortaleza emocional te ayudará a superar obstáculos”

The smell of  sofrito sauteing on the pan would come about. Movement around the house is short lived. A few minutes to be exact. Then Walter’s piercing voice would come back. This time alongside the sound of my mom’s cute size 5 feet running to her room.

(Naturally I would chase after my mom & watch too… I mean she’s sprinting towards to the TV as if she couldn’t miss what this dude was going say?)


“Todo lo que signifique arte, espiritualidad y también dinero, está bendecido. Ábrete de mente y corazón a lo que te depara la vida. Tu suerte está en el cambio, en lo nuevo y lo distinto.

Mom and I are watching this extravagant man with the most amazing cheekbones and skin. In his breathtaking lavish cape saying : translated

“Everything that means art, spirituality and also money is blessed. Open your mind and heart to what life holds for you. Your luck is in the change, in the new and the different.”

Or something along those lines (Those are actual horoscopes Walter predicted for the El Diaro)

Finishing up with with Pisces; ending his segment by not only thanking us for watching him, but also to wish us peace, harmony but mostly importantly

“Mucho, mucho amor” (lots and lots of love).

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As a child; this became a norm to my lifestyle.

As I grew older my mom and I would watch Walter Mercado together daily. Sometimes if we were lucky we got to see his Astrology predictions in the mornings too! Of course that depended our schedule but normally that was on the weekends.

Honestly I think both my mom and I gravitated to him because of his gleaming light.

It’s almost like his positive energy would radiate from your TV screen onto you.

You know; how some of the those super early morning religious TV shows ask you to touch the screen? HA! This way you can get a blessing or I guess receive the positive energy they are transmitting as I like to say lol… Not with Walter, there was no need for that.

You could just feel it. It didn’t even matter if you were having a real bad day; someway, somehow he had a gift that his words will make you feel better. Quite honestly that’s probably what made him so famous!

Looking back now; I think, not only was I drawn to Walter because of the words he spoke.but how he said these words.

Most importantly how he made you feel when he said it.

The thing is for me; when I saw Walter throughout the years, he was a man that was extravagant in his appearance and also very confident about it.

That was huge for me you know; like “Look at this man doing his damnnnnnn thing, super happy and not giving a sh*t about what people thinkSO empowering to me.

I was a very shy, soft spoken girl that had all the wants to share my creativity but maybe too shy to express it.

Watching Walter really did help me change that about myself and channel my creative freedom throughout my childhood/early teens through the love of arts, music and fashion.

Walter of course also sparked the love and respect I have for the stars, the planets, the constellations and the universe now.

That love was further explored for me once I got to science class when I was growing up lol but Walter was  the first to teach me some insight to the stars.

Although astrology at times it may cause of bit of anxiety here and there I have a huge passion of knowing about all sorts of random things but especially the unknown and the stars.

Did I forget to mention I’m a Pisces Sun? HA!

So essentially I wanted to make blog entry a kinda-sorta review on the documentary Netflix “Mucho Mucho Amor” and I started blabbing but I wanted to give you guys some back history and really explain how excited and how meaningful it was for me to watch!


Let’s start off by saying if you’re a fan of Walter Mercado you’re going to love this documentary!

You will really feel like you get to know him on a more personal level & on things that you possibly didn’t know (as he was so private) without disrespecting his privacy.

To my surprise I had no idea that he was going to be actually in the film so boom there’s the first spoiler! Mega excited to see clips of his home in Puerto Rico! To see all his decorations around his beautiful home, (and the-thing-is-like I’m pretty observant) he had SO many religious artifacts! Artifacts from Buddhism to Hinduism to Yoruba to Christianity it was like all there!

My extra cuban a*s was mega excited to see that huge Santa Barbara right at the beginning boom another spoiler alert. 

Then as the film continued Walter referenced back again to Santa Barbara or Chango for the Yoruba/Santero peeps.

if you know you know haha!

Either way seeing that got me feeling all excited inside because for at least for me, it’s very relatable. I too also am as very drawn to all kinds of religious artifacts and get asked often if I’m a believer of things or a non-believer.

Walter went through the same ::weird:: he too was a Pisces I mean I get it! haha!

The film also went into his more personal life as well, hitting topics like why he suddenly went MIA for quite some time? Walter’s family, health (he was a vitamin lover haaaa) and some of his fears although I don’t think intentionally meant them to come out.

Walter was quite fearful of aging, not death itself; big difference. I’m not sure if that’s a Pisces thing also, but that too is one of my fears, I mean I’m not proud of it but it is what is; I again extra connected to him. If you’re as observant as me you’ll also notice in the film, the connection that Walter had with his mother. So beautiful! I’m so psychologist by any means but I definitely think. that was part reason he was able to became so mentally strong and fearless in chasing his dreams and making them reality.

The down side of being a Pisces and check me if I’m wrong, cause I’ve yet to meet a Pisces otherwise; you are faced with numerous heart felt challenges throughout your whole life. I’ve always thought it because it the 12th sign, and karma etc (hit this another day ha).

Either way, even if you’re not an astrology fan or you may not know who Walter is? Its a great film because Walter… wow, he faced some many challenges I mean some pretty toughs ones. Didn’t matter the challenge, Walter faced all of them; fearlessly, graciously, with mega presence and charisma but with a huge smile throughout it all. What a powerhouse.

I remember thinking early in my makeup career, “Once I work at Univison or Telemundo I’ll for-sure get to meet him”. And I did; I did get to work at both Univision and Telemundo numerous times but unfortunately I never got the occasion to meet him. ?

When I got the call last year of his passing,. I was so sad…

I mean; sad.

I got the news and immediately hung up and crying. “That’s it; like I was never going to meet him” but after seeing this film I felt quite selfish actually; ya know?

Like wanting to keep him around alive forever?; a bit naive I know but that was dreams was for my inner little girl. Walter was in pain and quite old too. How old? No one really knows… so much so that they didn’t add his birth date to his grave. I don’t know about you guys; but I thought that was pretty dope!

Although I didn’t get to fulfill my dream of meeting Walter in this lifetime? After watching this film, I’ll try my hardest in this life to fulfill his.


Thank you Walter for everything you’ve taught me throughout the years and even after your passing I am forever grateful!

Rest in paradise Walter Mercado.

You are a legend and will never be forgotten!

With lots of love!







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