updated makeup favorites part deux

hey hey heyAnd welcome to “updated makeup favorites part deux” because I write too damn much haaaaaa I decided to break down my “updated makeup favorites” into two parts. Similar to “updated makeup favorites” but I’ll be breaking down a list of my personal favorite blush, eyebrows products, face powders and of course shadows. I will probably make another list to just cover lip products as that would make this list a part 3 forsure forsure lol!

So lets cut to the chase

face powder

Would you rock your nails with only nail polish and no top coat for shine or durability? Eh no… We all know the polish聽 will probably won’t last and mini shine left over from the polish forsure will be dull in hours.

That’s exactly what the concept I want you to think when applying powder after foundation. even though you may not like to. You don’t want your face to go dull right? LOL ok… maybe that was a bit of exaggeration on my end but powder is a crucial step to makeup just like top coat to polish. Some people don’t like powder because it can make you look cakey or too dry, but to avoid this; skin prep is also crucial like base coat is to polish.聽 馃槈

Wether you use it to set, bake, brighten, bronze or even conceal… powder is key to a beautiful makeup application when set properly.

Here are some of my favorites

Laura Mercier's聽Translucent Loose Setting聽PowderLaura Mercier’s Translucent Loose聽Powder

What a great powder! Laura Mercier’s聽Translucent Loose Setting聽Powder super light texture is a dream. Thin enough to bake just about anywhere on the face or to just lightly set the whole face. This is my GO-TO setting powder for many years now and although there’s many out there in the market, no powder come close when setting my under eyes. If you are looking for a powder to brighten? This is a hard pass. This powder is color-less so it will not change the tone of the products you are setting. If overly used it can cast a very light and i mean very light flashback. Is it a bit pricey yes, but its def not La Mer prices neither but honestly its very good and can last you a long time.

RCMA No Color PowderRCMA No Color Powder

RCMA No Color Powder is another favorite and to be honest I really reach for this powder often. To the eye it is very white but it is translucent and doesn’t give any flashback which is really great. RCMA is a professional line so not too many people know of this product because it’s not easy to find (online only in Miami) but its very affordable and the for the amount you get?!? I mean… it worth a try Although not as thin is the Laura Mercier it still is a very nice setting powder and you can also use it to “bake”.

Charlotte聽Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting聽Powder聽Charlotte Tilbury’s聽Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting聽Powder

Ufffff…. so I bought this 聽Charlotte Tilbury’s聽Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting聽Powder for my professional kit while traveling in LA and then after using it on my client… hahaha I bought it for myself. Thank baby jesus too because it was sold out in Miami at the time! I like to use this powder to give some color to the areas I set with my translucent powdered areas and I especially like it around around the under eye area and in the smile line area? You know how it may crack? Yeah this powder won’t. Unfortunately this powder only comes in 3 shades ughhh but it is sooo good if you fit those ranges.

Ben Nye Cosmetics "Buff"Ben Nye Cosmetics “Buff” Luxury Powder

Another profession line product Ben Nye Cosmetics “Buff” Luxury Powder is a great translucent loose powder but this one is slightly tinted with a nice beige tint. Ben Nye Luxury powder is very well known for the “Banana” with a yellow tint for multiple reasons but mostly due to Kim Kardashian when she revealed that shes uses that powder to bake. The line has a very good color range, from lightest fair to deep ebony warm tones and now comes with an easier dispensing method. This powder is great to bake and also to set to ensure no flashback the tint hues really helps!

Can be used to brighten too! (Snatch the nose must) and its pretty affordable聽too!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

A compact powder with a bang! MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus is considered a powdered foundation but can work well as just powder on it own. It has great coverage and it great when used to brighten its amazing. I compare this powder a lot to… this is a throwback Max Factor pancake foundation. Max Factor Pan-cakeRemember how awesome the coverage was when applied wet and then dried like a powder? Well yeah just like that but you don’t have to wet it to activate the pigment. What’s nice also, is that this powder comes in may shades; from neutrals, warms and cool undertones so it can fit if not everybody almost everyone.


I love blush!聽 Feeling a little down? Try applying some blush to your cheeks and I bet it will uplift you. In a rush and don’t have time for makeup? Try adding the same color blush to your cheeks, cheekbones, eyelids and lips for a quick overall glow with only if that 2 mins of application. Blush can definitely boost up your glam and your self esteem!

Here are some of my favorites

NARS Liquid Blush "Dolce Vita"NARS Liquid Blush “Dolce Vita”

Again… NARS coming with the heat! NARS Liquid Blush 聽comes in 4 shades now and honestly I love all of them! But “Dolce Vita” is the one I usually grab first! It’s a bit deep and pigmented so take your time and work your way up. It is very concentrated and super pigmented. It is a liquid form so you do have to work with it fast as it dries very quickly. It layers beautifully even over powder products leaving a quite natural flushed finish to the skin but also can be used as a base for powder blush for more intensity. How this blush is liquid; its quite long-wear too and dries a satin finish.

Coral CoveMilani Rose Powder Blush in “Coral Cove”

A classic blush in my personal and professional kit Milani Rose Powder Blush in “Coral Cove”聽 is the perfect peach shade that well give you such a radiant flushed glow without the shine. It is a matte shade, I wanna say that I think the whole “Rose Powder” collection shades are matte so they fit just about just about any age range but ideal for people who have concerns on enlarged pores. Although a powder, the texture is quite soft and can easily built up for intensity. And I mean the price?! Fabulous!!!

Flower Beauty Blush BombFlower Beauty Blush Bomb

I have tried these Flower Beauty Blush Bombs in just every shade and not one has disappointed me thus far. Even the lightest shade “Bubbly” is so cute, a bit on the light side for my skin shade but none the less a very pretty light cool toned baby pink. The shade “Melon” really is a dream. Its a beautiful true coral shade and really one of my favorites. These blush bombs are considered liquid although if you compare them to the NARS Liquid Blush it’s a bit thicker but it’s not thick enough to be considered a cream. The consistency is almost like a silky feeling and blends super well especially if applied with … guess what? lol a damp sponge and it’s very long wear. I compare these blush bombs to the glossier cloud paint $18 I mean even the shades so honestly it probably a real good dupe but best of all… is less than $10!

ColourPop's Blush StixColourPop’s Blush Stix

I love this company! Honestly they make such great products and they are so affordable!! When these ColourPop’s Blush Stix launched? I was on it like white on rice hahah!! I mean these are $8 bucks and you get so much product! These babies are SOOOO pigmented! I mean so pigmented that with some shades you can apply under a sheer foundation (kinda how you see IG makeup bloggers use liquid highlight before foundation…well kinda the same concept) for a nice inner glow. The texture is pretty solid so I would suggest to warm up the product on our hand or even on a palette; for an easier application. I would suggest to apply this product with a damp brush or even a nice dense blush brush for a seamless application. Being its cream you have a little more time to work with it but it does dry quick.

Alamar Colorete Blush Trio in Medium/TanAlamar Colorete Blush Trio in Medium/Tan

A trio that is beautiful for just about anyone from Light-Medium or even Deep for a nice overall glow Alamar Colorete Blush Trio in Medium/Tan is just that! Besides the fact that Alamar Cosmetics is a small business? Its also operated and owned by a Cuban young talented female! I love the fact that shes on top of everything and listens to her consumers and honestly it shows. Her products sell out fast because not only are they affordable, they are pigmented and best of all Alamar products are VEGAN!

I got this product in my boxycharm monthly subscription and I’m so happy I did. I have hit pan in both “Isla” and “Seclusion” shades lol! Yes it’s that good. “Seclusion” is the perfect light and soft shimmer baby peach that is beautiful on it’s own but its absolutely stunning as a blush topper. “Seclusion” has a light soft golden sheen, hard to explain but stunning. “Isla” is a beautiful sheen coral that is really favorite here….and as you can tell I have a serious coral/peach blush addiction but “Isia” really is something else, it has infsed some mirco sheen reflects that don’t show up like glitter at all anywhere its really something else! Gaby te pasaste mama with this shade!

Not sure if this product currently is in stock? But def follow them to stay updated!


Let’s be honest here… What frames your face and I mean everyone faces really?? BROWS

Now I understand a lot of people have an obsession with matching both brows but peoplesss you have to understand that eyebrows are sisters and not twins. With that being said I think it’s important when it comes to eyebrows besides definition, is shape and there’s many products out there that can help with that for all eyebrows from the thinnest of brow to the thickest of brows.

Quick backstory when I was very young I decided to over pluck my eyebrows don’t judge me that was a thing in the 90s and I guess I must have over-plucked a little too much and my eyebrows really never kind of grew back. That being said; I just many eyebrow products daily and that is because I’m trying to achieve the most natural look possible without having much eyebrows to begin with.

Here are some of my favorites

NYX Professional Micro Brow PencilNYX Professional Micro Brow Pencil

So I wanted to go ahead and restock my favorite eyebrow pencil at Ulta and unfortunately my shade and my backup shade was out of stock (I’m guessing there was a sale or something that I totally missed lol) and the Ulta rep suggested to try out the NYX Professional Micro Brow Pencill in the meanwhile and for the price I figured why not? Plus NYX is a great cosmetic line so I honestly wasn’t too hesitant! Thank you Ulta rep! Because this pencil quickly became a favorite.

The shades I use personally are “Brunette” and or “Ash Brown”. I say these are quite the dupe for “Anastasia Beverly Hills聽Brow Wiz庐” but tad bit more on the waxier side in texture. Do be-careful to not over apply because due to waxy texture when applying too much it actually remove product that you first applied.聽 It also comes with a nice spoolie to blend. I think for $10 its pretty great!

Anastasia Beverly Hills聽Brow WizAnastasia Beverly Hills聽Brow Wiz庐

The HG! I mean lets be real here… Anastasia Beverly Hills made the Brow Wiz庐 ? Every cosmetic company out there had to step up their game hella up! Not only the pencil texture beautiful, its very pigmented without any waxiness which is super nice. It also comes with a very sturdy spoolie. Its quite thin; perfect for mimicking the illusion of brow hairs and when blended out for a soft shadow effect. The line carries from the lightest of brow shades to the deepest warm and cool toned.

Anastasia's Brow Powder DuoAnastasia’s Brow Powder Duo

Of courseeeee Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo made it here. I mean I haven’t seen a brow powder like these and especially not like “Soft Brown” or “Auburn”? I mean see what I mean about Anastasia Beverly Hills they really dominated the brow game. The texture of these is soft yet creamy, perfect for application and I’ve honestly never had an issue with fall out with these. Just like the Anastasia Beverly Hills聽Brow Wiz庐 they have a great selection in color shades.聽 So much so, that you can use these to fill in hair lines too as the color shades are the closet to natural looking (in my opinion) in the market.

M路A路C聽Fluidline Brow聽Gelcreme Deep Dark Brunette

M路A路C聽Fluidline Brow聽Gelcreme Deep Dark Brunette

A classic reinvented M路A路C聽Fluidline Brow聽Gelcreme is a great brow pomade product that applies kinda like a soft gel eyeliner meets a thicker mouse. Dries pretty fast and is waterproof. This is a great product also to mimic hair stroke with a very thin brush. I very much enjoy the Dark Brunette shade because it is a rich medium brown with a hint of warmth yet not unnatural looking which is nice. This product can also be applied as a base and then set with a brow powder for extra waterproof-ness.

If you made it this far thanks again soooo much!!

Are these some of you favs too?!?聽 Would love to know!

And if you have any suggestions on topics I should do!?

Suggest them below!

Would love to know what are some of you favorites too! ?

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