New Moon in Pisces 3/22/23


new moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra”

As i’ve mentioned before; I will forever be a student of astrology and as I continue to study & practice. I do try to shorten these Astro chats? But for me? I believe it’s just so much information? I can’t just break it down to the new moon, because the new moon is also influenced by other planetary aspects at the moment so let’s get to it.

New Moon energy is a great time to initiate new endeavors, new projects & or new beginnings but also means that we could have to leave a few things behind and or phases to move onto fresh into the new.

This is my interpretation to what I believe the new moon in Pisces can highlight but quickly going to be an Astro chat as well because these planets will be stationary….

Well not really because as they’re always in movement haaa!

 What I’m trying saying? Some planets will be in certain placements for longer periods of time and some are on the move! For example:

Jupiter the planet of expansion will soon be leaving the rasi Pisces/Meena where it has been for the last almost 12 months (entered into Pisces/Meena on April 13 2022)

Jupiter will make it’s way into Aries on April 22 2023 & will remain there until May 1st 2024

The slow moving planet of Neptune; known as the planet of mercy & compassion, associated with saltwater, intuition, spirituality, deeper knowledge & enlightenment continue to transit Pisces until Feb 7th 2037!

So yes? Collectively I believe it’s quite important to mention alongside this new moon because it is part of this new moon conjunction.

Important to mention the planet which rules over our communication Mercury is also currently in Pisces & in combustion position while this new moon takes place .

Meaning Mercury is quite close to the sun & is pretty important also to mention.

If you’re new to this blog? These astrology chats are based on Jyotish/Sidereal placements meaning the actual placements that are right above us in the sky!

The new moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra in the constellation of Pisces/Meena 3/22/23

» Sidenote: nakshatra‘s are smaller portions inside a constellation. normally constellations have up to 3 Nakshatras - kinda like western decans & those can also be broken down into padas smaller portions but thats for another day!

That's why it’s SO important to know your actual nakshatra’s not only focus on just the constellation sign.

That’s why you could have 2 pisces friends & they’re completely different! Of course maybe their natals are different too but maybe one has Pisces moon in Revati & the other one their Pisces moon in Uttara Bhadrapada & maybe Purva Bhadrapada hmmmm!

Uttara Bhadrapada represents:

compassionate energy – empathetic problem solving – principle/morals – financial success 

wisdom/knowledge – mysticism/occult studies-healing energy

(internal- emotional & physical healing)

and transformative energy.

Uttara Bhadrapada is symbolized as  

“a snake in the water” & “two legs of a bed”

Snakes shed their skin often & constantly transform.

Representing transformation not in the physical; but can also translate into shedding old habits, toxic behavior, destructive attachments, 

Remembering astrology is really about self; A tool for not only self awareness but a guide in how to improve/ elevate our higher self.

So although yes; this could be also seen in our exterior world? It’s definitely an aid to lead us to transformative energy internally & how we operate which can lead deep healing if we’re receptive.

On the flip: “Snake in the water

Can also note some disloyalty coming to the forefront especially during these transits but again?!

Possibly around our social/friendship/work dynamics that is because Saturn in Aquarius/11th house is aspecting this new moon.

As Mercury is also combust; there could be communication on such topics.

(Saturn in Aqua highlights truths coming out which I’ll highlight later in this chat).

BUT again?

It’s for self reflection, so if these scenarios were to come to light, it’s not for us to get defensive, but in reality to activate change. This is collectively but especially to Pisces/Aqua/Leo/Virgo/Capricorn/Aries Natives.

There’s few planets also in the 1st House of Aries the constellation of movement of activation, passionate, fiery energy to get things going!

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Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by the planet Saturn the ruler of  Justice/Karma – Intelligence/Hardworking.

It’s important to mention that Saturn is a planet that equally gives you back what you have given; now whether that is good & or bad? There’s no labels here – this is just energy.

Saturn is also about intent. 

So we have to look at where Saturn is? 

Saturn is in a very happy place in the sign of Aquarius in a mooltrikona position.

Meaning it’s extremely happy to be there; Saturn is home. 

Saturn likes to make things right but Saturn has an ironic way of teaching lessons. They’re definitely lessons that actually sink in.

So again, this is all receptive to the person that you are; but definitely a moment where this new moon will give you an opportunity to really reflect,

To start something from scratch with the opportunity with a new set of lenses to see things a little more clearly as we go into Aries season.
Remember; in the zodiac wheel the year actually starts in Aries and finishes off in Pisces season so in reality this is a good way to not only refresh the energy but still really manifest or start coming up with really good ideas how to do such.
This is collectively energy; but especially towards
 Aquarius, Capricorn, 
 Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Aries & Libra, natives, 
or anyone who has these placements in their chart.

I believe this new moon in Uttara Bhadrapada will help us individually radiate peaceful energy or the want to be around such.

Will also give us a moment to be able to work on many skills! 

It will also heighten our sense for equality & justice yet compassionate in a very humanitarian way! (That depends on everyone’s moon & Mercury placement) but as a collective. 

Although that could change once Jupiter makes its way into Aries? Collectively? 

The people want actual change not just to hear about change? But it could be a catalyst, and/or topics of discussions which could aid in such ones Jupiter gets into Aries.

It also a moment to be mindful of our execution of such information as this energy (mercury influence & venus is aries) we may feel quite passionate about such information.

Venus is Aries; we will feel highly inclined to be vocal about such topics especially topics that have to do with spiritualism, religion, deeper knowledge or occult practices.

As so many planets are also in Pisces and Neptune’s influence –  this is a friendly reminder before becoming communicative ? Definitely make sure that you’re double checking your information & cross referencing it.

Don’t believe everything you hear, look at the stats & just make sure your stuff is on point because there’s a lot of other planetary alignments like previously mentioned where we can live in an illusionary state. 

On the shadow? Many can also be using false coping mechanisms to remain in an illusionary state too – again just be mindful or what you may preaching.

On a personal? Before communicating; it’s a moment to not only think about what you want to say but think about how does this affect the people you’re trying to communicate to. 

This is pretty important when it comes to highly influential people. Whether that’s celebs, people who have large platforms and not etc?

Saturn in Aquarius; as I’ve mentioned previously –  if you are acting on humanitarian energy for self serving purposes, although all humans have the capability to work from deceptive energy?

(Which is also the shadow aspect of Neptune in Pisces, which is a very long transit, and important to mention)

Saturn, the planet of karma & justice is not influenced or swayed by this deceptive energy and quite the contrary Saturn is very well aware of one’s true intent; so again Saturn gives what you give out?

Saturn being in it’s home of Aquarius in the most humanitarian rasi (zodiac sign) of the zodiac wheel there could be some tests and we could see this collectively also.

On a larger scale? We can also see this in celebrities & people in the art fields, political figures and  religious leaders especially regarding father or father like figures Jupiter & Sun Influence (not gender based) but in 2023, although we still have women in high rank positions, it’s nowhere near the statistics of male politicians ….
It’s to say that yes we could hear on the news and in blogs and etc.

especially while mercury is combust position!

If you are a person that is naturally inclined to work on these humanitarian, environmental topics, healing and spiritual practice? 

During the new moon and a few weeks in you can further incline on such topics and with mercury in the mix there’s a possibility that you will be vocal on such topics and collectively as-well & could receive aid or support from your peers & or in social circle. 

Remember, Pisces is also in a sense? Besides; letting go? think also the word “rebirth”,
Going back to the beginning of this post, letting go of toxic behaviors, or even attachments such as fears. We could see this now as a collective.
A lot of people will continue to not only talk about spiritualism, but even the occult and definitely about humanitarian activities.
Might be biased here… but I believe it’s something that we need but especially what the planet needs.

Talking about a planet & saving earth?!

Uttara Bhadrapada is also represented by Female Cow. 🐮

A prosperous & providing animal.

Cows are sweet, loving & peaceful animals that also have incredible memory!

Which can also translate has we can see a heighten surge of protective leadership (with Uranus in Bharani Nakshatra in Aries with high interest in environmentalism, female right’s & bravery action towards such topics)

Bharani is also a very transformative nakshatra; about spiritualism, gaining knowledge about being righteous and especially about not only the reproductive systems but what is the YONI female as a whole.

I also translate this energy if we’re being righteous with protective leadership and cows ?!? 

May be thinking a little outside of the box here? But limit consuming beef. There’s so many reasons I can go on and on for not consuming beef, but I’m probably coming from a biased place but…. if you’ve been feeling Saturn transit a little strong? I would suggest giving up beef at least on Saturdays (Saturn Day’s) as a sacrifice even if you don’t believe in Hindu practice. I think in the west it’s currently lent?! Or soon to be?! Don’t quote me? I unno? Something to look into.

As mentioned on my previous Astro chat we can also will see all sorts of advancements.

Maybe even new alternatives possibly even planet friendly for cow human “necessities” maybe a new alternative milk, alternative cheese, alternative leathers just to name a few.

It’s also quite important to mention the planet which rules our communication mercury is also in Uttara Bhadrapada definite going to be communication of people wanting change or wanting to be heard.

The shadow of this energy is a could be a little destructive because Neptune is in the mix, which could also talk about illusions & deceit. We could feel very passionate on something that unfortunately is false, and we wanna be heard on it so again,

This could also translate as we could stay in an illusionary State and as truths come out we could be in denial and collectively act upon them? Defensiveness & or anxious state actions.

this is all individual & don’t wanna make it scary but it is something to think about especially in our personal lives. 

Do you feel this is right to act upon if it’s just a feeling?

Or are you actively choosing not to see what it is you already see and acting upon it anyway? Again? The shadow side of this energy is that we can fall into disillusionment. We could also gravitate towards unhealthy coping mechanisms instead of healthy solutions. We can over drink and or over eat.

These are things that we need to be mindful in this energy.

Or is the universe giving you another opportunity for you to see?! Remember a new set of lenses, a new perspective, letting go of the past, maybe have a different view on things; making it easier to also let go of such x y and or z!

This is what I love about astrology.

There’s no pros or cons, there is no bad or good. We are all on different life paths, and we all are learning things individually as we go.

I believe with this new moon; it’s a fantastic time to definitely reflect look at how the year was for you from April 2022 till now. 

  • What do you feel like you’ve been holding on for too long?
  • What do you feel that is internally restricting you from elevating?

See? It’s easier to point fingers & blame our surroundings, but in reality we are accountable for all our choices, or maybe the choices that we did not choose to act upon at the moment.

Sorry, not trying to sound harsh here? I’m just a bit on the truthful unpopular side. But it’s the truth?

And this even applies to our subconscious too.

Actively knowing that we’re acting upon certain  “justifications” such as

“This is just the way I am “


“that is my zodiac trait”

When in reality one could be acting subconsciously upon things that we either haven’t faced such as unhealed wounds/traumas/grudges to name a few which influence our actions, our mental process, health & nervous system, and or etc.

Instead of asking ourselves ?!

No seriously?! Why am I like that?

And I personally like to go deep but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that either?!

It could be simply holding on to material things that you’ve been holding on for I don’t know…. 25 plus years? and you haven’t touched in the last 10years. 

Just taking up space? It’s a good time to do a spring clean and in reality that’s what Pisces season is all about!

A great moment to refresh to really take a moment and process what is it that I really need to let go of internal, physically, material, toxic behaviors & or etc.

Hopeful thinking here* If we all collectively all radiate a moment where we’re open and receptive to growing (not living in our ego) because i mean mistakes are normal & that’s part of the human experience, we definitely have a time for growth.

I think this new moon right before Aries season is exactly what we need collectively so we can start the new zodiac year which starts in Aries with a fresh new set of eyes lands perspective, and essentially like a New Year’s resolution!

Happy new moon!

Sent your intentions, get to starting that project, due the hardwork get great results, work from a loving place & give love to others, give your self love & care , expect new changes like every new year and remember everything always and i mean always happens for a reason!

Thanks so much reading; I know this entry was a bit on the longer side! Be back in Aries Season!

sending you all lots of love & light!

xoxo ade

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