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Hey guys & back with another entry this time with some AstroAde chat cause if you’ve been following this blog? This tab could come as a mystery & or something completely new!

So let’s chat about it!

So this entry may be a bit longer than usual; although on this AstroAde tab; you’ll find a lot of reading material. In my belief no simple way to interpret the stars.
The stars & their placements are complex and have to do with a lot of other placements and those influences
(I’m also still a newbie actually so I like to go deep)

So I guess we could say this entry is like an “About me & Astrology/Occult practice” and how did I get here and why?

As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts? Astrology is something that is very close to my heart AND since a very early age.

Hence why every post/blog entry has some sort of astrology reference haha!

Truth be told, I’d always been a person with pretty deep anxieties & I mean all kinds of anxiety – maybe one day I can open up about these topics; but in a nutshell? Anxiety has always led me to find answers. It’s the uncertainty (within the anxiety) that I at one point couldn’t deal with?

As a good Pisces Sun native, I too have always been quite spiritual & since a young age. 
Curious about other cultures, other religious/spiritual practices, what people like to call the “occult” and in my nature also a bit rebellious but also quite scientific? Always in the search of truth, truthful credible information even if there were no scientific explanations but evident in faith; I’ll take that too.
You see; I’m from a Cuban/Colombian heritage; coming from a Catholic background & although my parents weren’t per say “hardcore religious” (we didn’t go to church often; not every sunday, didn’t instill fear of faith judgements & etc).
side note* : my parents are both Aquarius Sun natives  (duhhhhhh – astro joke here) although my mom is still in denial (western astrology what can i say?)
My parents did set me up with some religious background.
I have my 3 Catholic sacraments yal!! lol!!!

I believe it was a good catalyst; for in reality what was my seek of truth. A great place to ask all sorts of questions too?

Receiving confirmation (catholic sacrament) when not in private/church school took time – I want to say 2 maybe 3 years & in my teens-rebel era?

Let me tell yal’…. I had questions!!!

Shoutout to Father Micheal out of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Hialeah Fl. (was my confirmation study group priest/teacher) for not only his patience, his honesty when he didn’t have the answers and again his patience.

One thing is still certain. I’ve alway been that gal that’s gonna ask the question everyone is thinking but not saying out loud lol!!!

I NOW know it’s in Aries in me! haaaa!

Truth is – I never was a real studious child – but I loved history plus this was back in the day when discovery channel was extra informative – like way before shark week times?

I didn’t want to learn about math or read fictional novels, much less watch TV shows/series that were fictional? It’s just never been my tea?
If i was watching TV besides powerpuff girls lol i was watching agriculture, world history,, pangea, ocean life, mother earth and it’s natural powers tectonic movements, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornado activity, the wonders of the world, Egypt, Egyptian mythology/Pharaohs which later grasped my attention to Greek mythology and life has a funny way of taking you places?
Later in my future I also go into Yoruba practice & got very curious in the Yoruba mythology studies as well.

These were subjects that had my full attention AND of course the stars, planets, constellations Orion’s Belt being my first interest and guidance into the sky.

I’m telling yal Father Micheal had that peace within him ’cause’’ boyyyyy he did endure some rebellious teen who thinks she knows a whole lot but still has her head far up her a*s questions! lol!!! El pobre! THANK YOU again father Micheal!!

My interest went past wanting to learn interpretations at such a young age too! To the point in which I really wanted to become an astronaut! No, you guys don’t understand?!?!

 I had it all planned out – had my parents take me to George T. Baker (an aviation school in Miami) so I could become a mechanical aviation engineer and then take myself to learn electric engineering? Yeah, no I was that serious!

 But life gets lifeing and bueno… that wasn’t my destiny; learning to interpret the stars was ha!. 

As the years went on & already influenced by Walter Mercado being yet another catalyst wrote about it a while back – I was quite mesmerized by not only his visuals but the way he carried his messages?
So caring & loving leaving a positive connotation at the end of all of his star interpretations GOALS let me tell yal – ’cause some of the information is tough!

Life deepened my curiosity of star/planet placement interpretations and being from the US; naturally I studied western astrology for quite some time (silly me – this is the part i wish I could go back in time & direct that energy towards the actual stars instead of just learning from hearsay) Pero whatever it is what is it!

Later in my future back in 2019; I was actually presented with an opportunity to work a pilot podcast with two other ladies and my position in the segment was to talk about astrology and also the occult.
a familiar subject based on spirituality thanks to my Padrino Luis & my Madrina Isabel for not only encouraging my gifts but in a time where it wasn’t very socially accepted (talking back back in the days 2007ish) where they not only taught me how to listen to my spirit guides but encourage channeling whether that was while i was throwing down tarot cards (Spaniard being my favorite) listening to my intuition, mounting spirits & what we call “espiritista” abilities.
The ouija board in my teens was just the start!! ha! 

Here’s a few clips:

Of course at this time back in 2019? I was basing it on western astrology – The sun is a most rasi/zodiac signs for about 30 days or just about based on sidereal/vedic astrology.

You see; it’s not that I was an astrologer then – I don’t even have the capacity to label myself with that title now.

i still have so much to learn but the fact of the matter is that astrology is something I’ve always been pretty knowledgeable and have always felt quite comfortable chatting about is def a given!

Quite honestly? I’m really happy that podcast didn’t fall through because little did know that I was going to completely and radically change my astrology knowledge into something that was fairly new to me:

Jyotish with a mix of sidereal Astrology! Oh man!

How I love it here!!! hahaha!!

Sidereal astrology follows the exact placement of the stars and constellations meaning predictions and placements are based on where the stars are currently above us and that doesn’t make a difference what side of the planet you are standing on. 

Jyotish is fantastically complex as its mixture of ancient Indian science, Hindu mythology as well as spiritual science & very scared – broken down by nakshatra’s, giving us accessibility to not only self awareness & actualization but also healing abilities!

Listen it’s beautiful study! That I’ll be studying for the rest of my life.

It was actually later in 2020 when Saturn first entered Capricorn that my life fully changed – I was faced from every hardship you could think of – ending of friendships/relationships, slander, my health, skin, family,  a horrible COVID run? Listen i can’t make this stuff up!

(I was in my SADE SATI & had no clue) IYKYK!!!

I’ll have a sadesati entry very soon!

Lord Shani plays no games – but I’ve learned so much?!

I’m eternally grateful; in the struggle if receptive?

You can gain so much knowledge & learn SO much about self!

As I continue to study and switch my brain from western astrology to say do you astrology which to this day is still a challenge for me because I have a few habits that I still follow on because  western tendencies are embedded?

hey i’m just human!

Ultimately astrology practice & studies have brought me so much clarity and a sense of peace that honestly I really can’t describe.

It’s also brought me to another type of level of empathy as well as understanding; as I feel maybe at some point in my life I could’ve been a bit critical in the way I process values principles and emotions.

Jyotish has brought me a level of self-awareness and consciousness; not just for myself but to all other beings. It has changed my life. I’m very so happy things have played out the way they were suppose to.

Also a believer that it’s useful to understand the energies that are upcoming so we can handle them accordingly!

a heads up won’t hurt nobody!

We can’t control the energies but we can definitely control our emotional responses which make them a lot easier to cope with in my humble opinion.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this long entry?!

 I appreciate you and secondly I’m so very excited to share all this information 2022 definitely is a year of letting go and learning such lessons as Saturn leaves its mark with Capricorn moving its way into Aquarius soon in 2023 it will be prep year collectively I believe! But most importantly a year of transformation none the less! 

Sending everyone much love!!! 


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