So I’ve been pretty MIA…..

just a quick check in!

all is well! but; alot has been going on! I mean ….especially after I got Covid…. not only have I changed but I’ve taken many means to just about change just about alot of things in my life. Without a doubt; I’ve changed – “evolved” sounds better.

With that being said; I’ve taken some time off to … well; to focus on me, my life, my mind, my spirit and not my career.

I’ve gone into hermit mode to introspect just about everything in my personal life. and normally i would apologize for doing this, but I’m not sorry … i’m proud to be honest.

I’ve faced alot of fears throughout this time off and faced with some fears I wasn’t ready for and for that OH i’m so proud. It’s domino effected into my life , has made me grow and honestly I’m here for it.

In the meanwhile have I been working? Yes! A whole lot lately! The universe works in mysterious ways!

And I will be back sharing all the vibes! The goodies, bts, real life shit ….cause damn this time I will more transparent than ever (i am a human too) On this round? It will be confessions of a miami makeup artist, that tends to travel for work and take nature photos ha, that loves not only astrology but has a passion in understanding the human mind, hormonal issues cause wtf that’s really my life, motherhood with my pichu! It’s gonna be what i want it to be and I hope you enjoy it!

With that being said you know I stay on my IG

But I’ve been pretty active with my feels on Twitter!

I appreciate your patience! Ill be back!

Ade 🖤

Stay Connected!



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