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7/11/21. The past, present & future with love. #soscuba

Please excuse my absence.

I’ve been quite MIA since July 11th 2021 everywhere really and here’s why.

As for the ones who already know and especially based off of my super spanglish on just about every platform haha, I’m MEGA latina!

I’m a proud Cuban-Colombian American; my mother being Colombian and my father being Cuban. Both of my parents came to the United States as immigrants in search of better opportunities for their lives. And BOOM here I am lol!

My parent’s both left their countries behind with tons of hope to succeed for a better living. Not only that, but to live in an overall better environment; and I don’t mean this lightly.

We as Americans (myself included), take for granted the small things we luckily are born into just having because we are born in the US.

For one –  let’s hit up “freedom”. Forsure that’s something we totally take oh too for granted.

For instance, let’s take this blog just as a simple example.

I can just say/type whatever I want & whatever I feel. Expressing what I think/feel whether you agree or even if you don’t feel the same. We as Americans have the right to do this, written, verbally or in whatever media you decide to choose to. American’s too have the right to debate that expression or have a healthy conversation with opposing feelings towards it.

We have to the right to think whatever we think; even if we’re over saturated with tons information daily (thanks to web/social media) we still have the right to choose what we want to believe & never really forced to think otherwise; even if it changes daily… and luckily this is just a few forms of the kind of freedoms we Americans have; of many.

I can’t imagine someone; much less a government forcing me to think a certain way. Honestly… I’m naturally pretty indecisive & very curious so, I tend to always question just about everything…. I can only imagine I would feel lost & probably very angry or frustrated. I especially would hate it if someone, or any government power wouldn’t allow me to express myself, my feelings of any kind but especially the feelings of anger or frustration they as the “government “are at fault for?

I mean but for real now… let’s put this in a perspective as the common American.

Let’s say; you were to have a shitty day.. most of the time caused by work or possible financial expenses etc? On a social front; you can go to Facebook, get your vent sesh on, or you could tweet about it – let all out… you catch my drift right? Well what about a non-techy way; like calling in a friend & just venting it out?

Now imagine that job which causes your shitty days/financial hardships was forcefully given to you by this government – not your choice & you have absolutely no way of changing it to another job – because this same government doesn’t allow you to. If you’re brave enough to quit or try to stand up for yourself in attempts for another job, you will be punished by this same government & placed in a facility to do excessive labor work ,get much paid less and or even jail time?

This same government also monitors consistently every move you do & this isn’t just you, oh no… it’s to the whole country. How?

Well, monitoring your mail, your active calls & texts, monitoring your online activity & of course monitoring your actually physically TALKING too because unfortunately there’s always somebody on the block who’s working for the “government” including that friend you were thinking about venting to?

It’s like a jail everyday of your life, but it’s not an actual jail system, it’s an actual communist regime that you’re part of but you never had the choice to be a part of and you’re kinda just stuck there?

Crazy, no? Well unfortunately this was part of my father’s reality for 33 years before leaving Cuba.

My father left the island on June 2nd 1980 after my grandmother (which unfortunately I never got to meet and was fully opposed to this communist regime) urged, plead & begged my father to leave on one of the Mariel Boatlifts. These boatlifts were transporting Cubans from the island to the United States in which this granted temporary status, community assistance and access to asylum to not only Cubans but also Haitian’s too.

In chatting with a multitude of people along my life thus far (especially because of the type of work I do) unless you’re Cuban or Cuban-American; people really understand that the Cuban Mariel boatlift was basically full of Cuban criminals, Cuban prisoners and “mentally ill” Cubans.

Earlier, I briefly explained how Cubans didn’t & currently still do not have the freedom to think differently or to even so much to speak their mind’s openly; so when we talk about Cuban “criminals/prisoners” … we must not identify them like American criminals because Cuba does not have an actual balanced judicial system.

  It’s not to say that Cuba didn’t have actual criminals such as murderers & rapists also locked up (excluding their own of course – because I mean commy’s weren’t being locked up & those are the TRUE criminals) but majority of the prisoners were actually political prisoners and wrongfully imprisoned people.

These Cubans were in jail for either:

  • speaking their mind,
  • being opposed to the government – such as just talking “bad” about the regime,
  • choosing to not be part of the army which goes against the people,
  • Stealing food – so much as a piece of bread (this is NO exaggeration) because you have no food – nor income for food for you & your loved ones because of this same communist oppression.,
  • Having a “side” job or a hustle of any kind,
  • Growing your own crops or herbs? Or keeping some for yourself?  Like a glass of the milk your cattle produced on your land but your cattle belongs to the government?

Yeah, guess what? You go to jail for that too.

This is a very fear-based type of government. Basically; if you had a bit of grit, some empathy, a bit of drive or just basic human values and are fearless enough to express it – you were sent to jail.

Unfortunately this regime has been like this for quite some time; 62 years to be exact.

Fidel Castro was the dictator & the epitome of a sociopath & psychopath held & manipulated his power over Cuba from 1976 to 2008. And unfortunately Cuba is still currently under this terrible kind of regime.

At the time of the Mariel Boatlifts from April – Sept 1980 Fidel Castro let “undesirable members of Cuban society as per wiki” flee Cuba –  hence why there’s so many Cubans not just in the United States but just about worldwide.

These “undesirable members” included:

  • Political prisoners and “criminals” as I mentioned earlier,
  • The LGBT community/homosexual men/transgenders (which unfortunately not only sent to labor camps prior but also sent to mental intuitions to be tested and experimented on).
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses (which were sought out by Fidel and the regime – tortured and to be “re-educated”)
  • Christians and other religious people.

On July 11th 2021, the people of Cuba on the actual Island fled to the streets without fear or maybe with fear but at that every point I think fear was completely irrelevant.

They marched on the streets peacefully without weapons (because their weapons have been confiscated since the beginning of the regime in 1976). They fled to the streets in almost every city/providence on the island to march for their basic human rights, for food which is extremely scarce due to the extreme amount of years of oppression, medication’s as unfortunately they had a failed medical system for years and now is worse than ever due to CoVid.

Most of all the marched with not only Cuban Flags but also with American Flags for Freedom/ LIBERTAD! 

*side note
this is huge because in Cuba are taught that Americans essentially are like the devil & Americans are anti-Cubans, Americans hate Cuba, the embargo placed by the Americans is the reason for no food in Cuba *cough cough* although the commys eat lobster & tourist areas always have food – &
this is BS & fake news alongside manipulating all news media outlets that comes in & out of the island (like only airing tragedies that happen in the US to make the US seem absolutely horrible) … was fed to the Cuban Community for many many years.
The American Flag is the international sign of freedom – Cubans now remember this.

In reality this is a topic that I can go on for hours & hours,..

Unfortunately Fidel Castro was very smart piece of sh*t and with fear/brainwashing and manipulation he was able to manipulate now only the island of Cuba but the masses/outside world for many years. That is until the internet got to the island.

Cubans now were able to see what’s the truth & also able to communicate to the outside world to expose what IT’S really like to live in Cuba. Not these tourist photos you see on google. Unfortunately that’s not CUBAS TRUTH.

Being real, raw and transparent as I promised I would be when I started this blog.

I could only speak for myself when I say that since July 11 my whole perspective changed, not only towards Cuba but towards humanity as a whole. My perspective has changed on a large scale in a very bittersweet way.

Being from Miami actually Hialeah which is basically the most Cuban predominant city in South Florida. I always knew of all the horrible things that were happening in Cuba. Your friend’s parents would talk about it, picking up a morning “colada” viejitos would talk about, fixing a flat tire/una llanta ponchada.? You always heard about Cuba talk. Cuba talk has been just about everywhere.

I also kind of also understood the psychology behind why families would risk leaving the island on a raft boat made of scraps of any material they could find into the Atlantic Ocean with of course no GPS or supplies, in hopes of making it to the States. Majority unfortunately not making it physically, after being in the ocean for nearly 5-9 days direct sunlight-/storms/ ocean life?! I always understood the thought of how bad it could be … you know to risk it all to just leave what you only knew of your whole life?!

I always thought I understood it but I’ve never lived it so I technically really don’t understand it.

As well since July 11th I realized that I really didn’t understand my dad either. See the thing is, I learned a lot about my Cuban culture based on environment & association lol because in reality my dad never really talked about Cuba.

In fact my dad didn’t really speak much about his past at all, not about his family, not much really about anything really besides baseball, politics and like old viejo stuff you know? Lol!

His motto is “what’s past is in the past”. 

And although that’s true we have no control about our past we definitely have control to understand the past and to most importantly understand the cause and effect from the past.

*Looking at my life from an Eagle’s eye view; which I think started after I got Covid – my outlook has changed a lot. I was so scared & it was a serious reality check for me so lots of things have changed in me since then.

I started to question why is it that about my dad? Why didn’t he ever talk about these things? But why is it that really ? Was it so hurtful for him to? To just throw things in the past and pretend they didn’t exist.

Since July 11th I’ve realized I’ve passed some real hard judgments on my father thinking I knew him but I really didn’t even know him at all.

Like I said before I’m curious ha! I started to ask some questions & some possible uncomfortable questions too. My dad‘s older and comes from a back in the day mentality where he couldn’t ask his parents anything, it’s kind of like what they said goes! And here I was asking all sorts of things I don’t even think he was ready for (I like to go deep) & although uncomfortable, these are seeds being planted for deep healing within my family in the most ironic way in the weirdest time of life too!

Throughout these weeks I have found some sort of understanding/forgiveness for my father. My father and I have a good relationship, triggering for sure pero good lol! I found myself growing up with a lot of  common “daddy issues” that my inner child really needed healing from.

This isn’t an excuse to go ahead & justify the past between my father and I but it definitely helps me understand more which is my aid to healing. How can you do better when you don’t know any better?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou

Breaking family cycles is no easy task especially when there’s generation trauma involved. But I liked to think that my dad did it by literally risking it and leaving Cuba not knowing it though….domino effect! Marrying my momma planted seeds for this. Cause my momma is the true definition of an amazing human being and for empathy we’ve been taught.

Is my dad perfect? No way far from it, but I think when you’re a human coming learning from a very toxic environment, as well as a toxic fear based government and just about your whole upbringing has been fully toxic and you leave and you’re trying to better yourself by not trying to repeat patterns of what he knew? Well I know, now my dad did well!

About learning….

You guys know I always refer back to my astrology but we just moved from 2000 years in the Age of Pisces (karma) to the Age of Aquarius (humanity – freedom) hence freeing us from karma and giving us humanity to constantly learn from one another. This is a moment Cuba has most awaited for a chance for human freedom but if you also look at the world as whole it’s happening in many places of the world. The truth of what’s really happening!

Because the truth is unfortunately like the saying goes, the truth hurts but it also heals.  when truths come to light you have more understanding   because unfortunately humans live by their biased  judgments, because we think we know and understand but in fact we only understand surface level things.

As the start of the Age of Aquarius evolved I have changed. My circle of friends have changed. My body has changed. The people I worked with have also changed. The way my mind processed forgiveness has changed. The way I eat has changed. The way I take care of myself has changed and all of these to be more positive but have been quite uncomfortable.

And the truth is I will continue to change because that’s how evolution takes place and I’m here for it!

If you made it this far I thank you!

I will definitely be back soon with content and all of the goodies but I thank you all for your patience throughout all of this.

I will continue to use my platform for not only the mega chuchi stuff cause yal know I’m here for it but also to continue to be truthful throughout my journey! I’m excited to share what’s next!

I guess yal gonna have to stay posted haha I’m sure it’s gonna be hella fun!

I also asked if you made it this far too and don’t know much about Cuba please take a moment and check out the hashtag #CUBASOS on Instagram or Twitter to inform yourself and to the see the actual information of what’s coming out of Cuba!

Ade 🖤

Stay Connected!



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