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It’s no surprise that I love good outfit of the day; but I especially love an affordable outfit of the day!

I mean let’s be honest here, with the recent national current situation… it hasn’t been the easiest for all of us. And if you’re a mom, holding down a family aka head of household? Personal wardrobe & glam is usually not the top priority on the list of things to do and usually…. come on’ …. get’s to the very back end of the backburner of our list of priorities; believe me; I get it!

But I’m here to tell you also a as mom; in my opinion of course (no doctor here) “If us ladies “mom’s” & especially us PCOS mommas out here are head of household?  Shouldn’t we too also feel like empowered head of households? Inside and out too?”

I state especially PCOS mommas because PCOS is an incurable hormonal imbalance that causes infertility, obesity & excess of facial hair to name a few. Many women with PCOS can face many mental health issues including depression/anxiety/eating disorders and battle snappy mood disorders, stress, emotionally insecurities and of course there’s the physical uncomfortableness.

*Side note: Women with PCOS are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety & depression than the average person.

I believe it’s important to teach our children not only by chatting with them on morals, how to treat others with love & respect, kindness, principles, values but what about self value & self love?

As a mom of a very smart & witty young man; I can assure you that; yes, It’s great to openly chat with your children about these mega important topics, but if you don’t lead by example? boy these kids catch on quick. And if you’re lucky as I am my son will call me out on it! A great reminder for me to snap out of it.

YOU (parent) also have to make a little time for yourself. Parent Self Care & Self Love is important. (And let me tell you this one was rough for me because I was taught mega differently – in my mind it was pretty selfish so if & when I did? I was also pretty defensive) This is important doesn’t matter whether raising a son or a daughter.

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Even if it’s a sheet mask once a week while you watch tv with your family or clip it to your hair while mopping etc! (multitasking at its finest, sometime ya gotta do what you gotta do!), jamming out in the car to one of your old jams that brings you back some good memories, a monthly date night with your partner or friends (getting all dressed up and glammed out makes you feel great) a long nap or even a long bath with some lavender drops and oceans sounds (my kinda thing ha) once a week.

These acts of self care/ self love things are SO important! And it’s important for your child to see you apply these small but important things in your life so hence they do the same!

Self care promotes a more positive mind, decreases anxiety which also decreases panic attacks especially in us PCOS women. as well as teaches our children by example to have better positive coping skills versus locking ourselves up & not taking action or pretending not to be going through something.  

As a parent I have learned that although that topic seems like it’s not important it is, self love & self care promotes a healthy self-esteem; crucial to battle any social skill problems, anxiety disorders & helps our children establish healthy firm boundaries, confidence in their abilities and generally helps establish positive relationships in this world.

So let’s help stop the stigma that self-love & self care is selfish bad thing it’s something that we actually need and especially as us women that are moms that may battle depression or anxiety, hormonal imbalances it is something very crucial and we have to make ourselves a part of the priority list too.

This is equally important for us mommy’s too that are raising sons too! Self care IS gender neutral! ?

Well; that went into a mental health/self-care/self-love rant quick ha! But getting back to subject! 

I especially love an affordable outfit!

My belief ? Although my budget has decreased I can still look/feel chuch!

So although I have put together this outfit kind of series going on this blog?  9 times out of 10; all of my outfit of the day posts are going to be affordable, cause that’s just it; that’s how my life is step up ha!

Now remember I’m not stylist, I’m a makeup artist. But wth I like looking chuch and I especially don’t mind sharing where I get my goodies from! haha! 

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! For now I’ll be sharing some of my previous ootd’s (if you follow me on IG you’ve seen them before ha!)

xoxo Ade 

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