Obsessed; an understatement.

Since I was in my teens I’ve always been into colorful eyeshadows. Don’t get my wrong in my teens (90’s baby) *cough cough* the shadow quality definitively could’ve been better, and the selections weren’t much haha! Prestige Cosmetics were my jam and I want to say they were at my time the only ones that has colorful shadow besides the seashell shaped makeup box my mom had at home, you know the one that had all the layers? Blush layer, melted “lipstick” layer, shadow layer and etc? Please see example below:

something like this!

I’m sure not the only one who struggled ha! Fast forward to today the makeup world has mega changed and shiiiiiii* I aint mad lol! I’m living for all the new goodies that come out, I mean lets be real here makeup has become if not just like technology a bit hard to keep up with but none the less still fun to have!

I was told by a friend that I should really look into the James Charles palette collab with Morphe Brushes that I would love it; and she wasn’t lying! I had see many bloggers and IG makeup influencers use it; but you know how social media is, and unfortunately when a product is being pushed everywhere I personally tend to look the other way because of sponsorships and etc. Either way I did a search and found it on sale on Ulta.com. I’m terrible at passing up a good sale lmao! It arrived pretty quickly too and ever since I really have been obsessed.

The palette has multiple shades of all colors, neutrals, vibrant colorful shades, mattes and shimmers. Almost all of them have incredible pigmentation and not too much fall out.

Here a fun glam, super girlie glam I did using this palette.

Key Products used:

THE JAMES CHARLES PALETTE (please see below for detailed breakdown)

NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Milk as base

NYX Faux White Brightener liner shade “Lavender Blush”.

Stila Cosmetics Waterprook Liquid Black Liner.

Red Cherry Lashes in “523”.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow powders in “Granite” and “Chocolate”.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji.

NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer.

NARS Liquid Dolce Vita Blusher.

  • Used “shade 1” to the entire lid.

  • Packed on “shade 2” to the entire lid but not to pass the crease.

  • Blended out and used “shade 3” to transition from shade 2 to 1.

  • Using “shade 1” highlighted the tear-duct area for a soft matte highlight.

  • Lower lash line (prepped with NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil) used “shade 2” and blended out.

  • Darkened lashline with “shade 4”.





Let me know if you guys love this palette as much I do too! And if you have any suggestions as to what palettes are mega awesome that you think i should have?!?! Let me know below!!

Thanks so much for reading! xoxo

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