#waybackwedneday “All about the Glow” – Get The Look

“All about the Glow” – Get The Look & Breakdown

Hey guys & welcome back! With the Latin Grammy’s last week? Let’s go #wayback this Wednesday to one of my favorite carpet glams. Last years fresh & glowly glam on beautiful in and out Alejandra Espinoza, for 2019 Latin Grammy’s Awards.


alejandra espinoza Instagram

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alejandra a few times before for a few shows, shoots and such but this was the first carpet I would work with her and I was so feeling all sorts of feelings really ha!

The inspiration for Alejandra’s glam was “All about the Glow”, Alejandra loves to rock a a good glow/sheen to the skin & ayeeee well that’s like my favorite thing to do ha! So I was so honored when she reached out! ?

Truth be told: Doesn’t how many carpets I’ve worked in my past; besides feeling mega excited;  I do get pretty nervous. ::these are my confessions:: You see; there’s alot at stake as a makeup artist when you work a red carpet event because the pressure is really on along with a lot of other factors! (I’ll have a blog post; all about that soon!)

This carpet took place in Las Vegas, NV. so that’s something I had to take into account. Las Vegas is for the most part always dry and hot, and I was traveling there from Miami Fl. a pretty humid and sticky climate. This is a mega important factor when you’re a traveling makeup artist believe it or not.. Not all products will work the same when in different environments.

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That being said; luckily this glam was sponsored by Aveeno #GetSkinHealthy and Alejandra’s skin was prepped the day before with some great of Aveeno skin at home treatments!

Get the look! ?

Photo Source: Getty Images.

Check out exactly what products I used on Alejandra Espinoza’s “All about the Glow”  glowly glam red carpet glam!

Skin Prep

@mariobadescu Facial Spray – Great to Prep & Hydrate the skin.

 @aveenous Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer – Light, soft, hydrating & also has SPF that gets absorbed very nicely into the skin

@tatcha Silk Canvas Makeup Balm – Beautiful Primer that leaves the skin very soft, pore-less, natural and doesn’t make the foundation not cakey.




Foundation: @narsissist Sheer Glow Foundation – This is a beautiful foundation that evens out the skin beautifully more on a sheet side and very glowly/radiant. Beautiful for Las Vegas weather

@tartecosmetics Shape tape concealer to conceal any imperfections & highlight high points of the face. I love this concealer; a little goes a long way has great coverage & doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Alejandra’s dress was a beautiful Mint color so I wanted to use a color of blush that would favor the dress as well as her complexion. @flowerbeauty “Bitten Blush Bomb” is a beautiful dark berry/plum shade that leaves a beautiful radiant finish to the skin, As a blush topper I applied @alamarcosmeticsToasted” for an added sheen.

To Highlight and give that dewy look- used a favorite: @narsissist Copacabana Cream Highlighter” which is actually an multi-purpose stick, Used this to the highlight points of the face, body and also in the inner tear-duct.

Kept Alejandra’s eye glam pretty clean to keep the focus more onto the blush and skin. Kept them soft, clean but yet still defined.

Used @bobbibrown Shadow Stick a serious fav in the shade “Golden Bronze” as the overall lid color. This shade is a beautiful warmed toned bronze, very creamy on application and beautiful to apply.

To further define the eyes & also to define the lower lash line; used  @bobbibrown Shadow Stick in shade “Taupe” a beautiful soft warm matte shadow.

Inner tear duct: As mentioned earlier used NARS “Copacabana Cream Highlighter””

Alejandra has great full brows, to keep them in place, used @benefitcosmetics “Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel” in Shade 6 a great brow gel that really does keep them in place but also has a great tint too.

For extra added bam to the glam applied @ardellbeauty “Demi-Wispies” to enhance Alejandra’s beautiful lashes.

Final Touches

Body glow: @artistcouture Diamond Glow Powder in “illuminati” and “Gold Digger” Yal know the drill!!!!!

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.@tatcha Dewy Skin Mist”.

Source: People en espanol
Source: MamaLatinas.com

Had so much fun creating this look and really is one of my favorite carpet glams! So blessed to have this opportunity! It was the GRAMMYS I mean…… helloooo I still can’t believe it!

Thank you SO much for your trust Ale! This was a dream come true!  ?

 If you guys dig the look or recreate this glowly glam! Tag me @makeupbyade  #makeupbyade  #letmeglazeyouup

xoxo Ade ?

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