Meeting Matt(e) Nude’s Ohhh la la

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
This weekend I was able to test out my new palette “Meet Matte Nude” from cosmetic line “the Balm”. I purchased it on a few weeks ago and they were having such a great sale I couldn’t’ pass it up. I practically bought everything doubled haha, one for my kit and one for myself lol! Either way I decided to use it on my clients this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. I was surprised because when I would dip my brush into one of the shadows it would kick up a lot of product; which usually means I would get a lot of fall out on my client, but in this case I didn’t and also blended out so smoothly. I’m not sure if it’s because I used an eye shadow primer or maybe it was just the shadow itself but all I know is that this palette performed magnificently.

My favorite color’s in the palette is the color Matt Singh, Matt Malloy and Matt Abdul. Matt Singh is the perfect transition shade very much compared to Mac’s Soft Brown (a stable in my kit) or maybe even to MUG Peach Smoothie.
Matt Malloy is a beautiful off white shade a great brow highlight shade.
Matt Abdul (LOVE) is such a nice taupe color. I love it because it doesn’t have an undertone of blue nor gray. I can compare this color Mac’s Quarry eye shadow without the purple undertones.

Here are some photos I have taken with my Nikon One J1

Meet Matte Nude

Meet Matte Nude

Meet Matte Nude

Do you own the palette?

What are your thoughts on it I would love to know!




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