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July 2020 Boxycharm Unboxing

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I’m always looking forward to receiving my monthly BoxyCharm makeup subscription box! I mean for $25 bucks a month?!? Includes 4 to 5 FULL sized makeup products/makeup, a value in the box to up-to $225 and mailed right to your doorstep? Yeah, you really can’t beat that! Thanks to BoxyCharm; I’ve been able to test out new makeup products, new makeup tools and also small/new upcoming makeup lines (which I really like). I also really enjoy that my Boxycharm normally contains something totally different from the previous monthly box. Sometimes the box can contain more makeup products and the next month may be more skincare product based. Without exception always contains a makeup tool (eyelash curler / beauty sponge / exfoliating tool) too! If you’re a makeup/skincare junkie like I am? I promise, you’ll love unboxing yours every month too! 

So let’s get to it! Here’s what I got in my July 2020 “Sunshine” BoxyCharm!


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Clean Skin Club | Vitamin C Brightening Booster Serum

Product Retails for $49.95 (So I mean; just this one product is more than the actual box)

Clean Skin Club , Vitamin C Brightening Booster Serum, Boxy July 2020, Boxycharm, skincare, serum, clean skin, booster, boxy

This Vitamin C Brightening Booster Serum is infused with watermelon, green tea and pineapple extracts but smells more on the fresh size; not too overpowering and refreshing to the feel.

As it contains Vitamin C I would recommend using it at night although the box states you can use it day or night. Usually UV rays/heat deactivate the potency of Vitamin C so it would just be a waste of product. 

When applied alone, dries matte and doesn’t leave a sticky finish which is a mega plus. Is it going to fight off wrinkles? Not too sure, I would have to test out this product for a few weeks and get back to you!


Lemon Banner, lemon, lime, orange



The Creme Shop | Next Gen Blender Sponge Set

Product Retails for $22.00

The Creme Shop, Next Gen Blender Sponge Set, Sponge, Boxycharm July Boxycharm, sponge, beauty blender, boxy babe, review

How cute are these Next Gen Blender Sponge’s! Super soft to the touch and latex free too! If I had to compare, I would say very similar to the Real Techniques Sponge . I love that Boxy always sends sponges in pairs, at least since I can remember they have; and honestly it’s awesome for a girl like me.

Confession: I always lose them ha! Terrible I know!

Luckily Boxy sent two!


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StudioMakeup | Gold Cream Eyeshadow

Product Retails for $25.00

I received in my box the shade “gold” This liquid eye-shadow is quite nice! Pretty shimmery and thin to the touch. Does have some light gold glitter specks that aren’t too bam in your face! Can be used on its own for a nice, soft light shadow look or can be used as a nice base shadow for an extra pop!


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Ace Beaute | Bronzed in Paradise Palette 

Product Retails for $30.00

Ace Beaute | Bronzed in Paradise Palette, bronzer, boxycharm, july boxy, bronzed, swatch, deep, boxy, boxybabe

So I thought this was going to be an eyeshadow palette when I first opened the box. To my surprise it’s a bronzer palette. Although it’s a bronzing palette; these shades are really my jammy jam, so naturally I used them as shadow too haha! This palette includes 4 Matte shades; I would say from Light-Medium to Deep Ebony.

Ace Beaute | Bronzed in Paradise Palette, bronzer, boxycharm, july boxy, bronzed, swatch, deep, boxy, boxybabe

This palette is not to be mistaken for a contouring palette as all 4 shades are quite warm and have a reddish undertone. That’s why it’s a bronzing palette to mimic the warm/reddish tone you would naturally flush from the sun.


(Indoor with flash and outdoor with flash)

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Last but definitely not least! 

Alamar | Birthday Suit Lip Gloss

Product Retails for $15.00

birthday suit, alamar, lipgloss, lippie, pink gloss ,boxycharm, boxy, boxybabe

I was so excited I got this! I seriously was!  I’ve been following Gaby, the owner of Alamar Cosmetics since I met her at boxy sometime ago. Gaby had posted some sneak peaks of this gloss; and I mean… I’m alllll about a good, extra girlie pink gloss!

The texture is great; not too slippery and not sticky either. The color is a gorgeous soft pink with some cool undertones (great for making teeth look extra white) and a few soft sparkles which I love! Beautiful rocked on it;s own or over your nude lippie too!

Here’s a quick look. Applied this Birthday Suit Lip Gloss over a soft nude lippie I had on earlier that day!

birthday suit, alamar, lipgloss, lippie, pink gloss, glossy, lip fillers, boxycharm, boxy, boxybabe

Look at the soft sparkle! I’m Obsessed!!


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Did you also get the same things?! Or did you get something different?! Would love to know!

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